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  • Yes, these masks are totally dry (all the good stuff is printed on the textile)
  • Dry means no water to act as a filler (aka infusing your skin with a 96% concentration of natural ingredients and a mind-blowing 83% concentration of active ingredients...seriously deep-penetration!)
  • What does this all mean? Totally awesome skin in no time (just kidding...give it 15 minutes!)

You NEED to go DRY and HERE’S WHY!

  • Ummm...these babies are waterless! Wet masks are generally 85-90% water and glycerin and only
    5-10% active ingredients. MISS de GASPÉ dry masks feature an 83% concentration of active ingredients with no filler.
  • Loads of the good stuff No filler means more results! An 83% concentration of active ingredients is dry-printed onto the textile, giving the skin more opportunity to take in all that goodness.
  • We deliver! A biomimetic micro-vectorized delivery system transports active ingredients deeper, feeding and nourishing the skin from the inside out.
  • Real skin care results that last longer With so much goodness, no water, and a kick-a$# ingredient-delivery system, our dry masks produce long-lasting skin care results.
  • Say “NO” to goopy mess The struggle is real and we’ve all been there. Our dry masks are not only super-easy to use but also highly effective.
  • Multi-tasking meets multi-masking Wear our dry masks at your desk or while getting your java fix. You can’t do that with most wet masks.
  • Use them up to 5 times That’s right...
    3 to 5 times depending on the condition of your skin.
  • Did we mention bacteria? Where there’s water, there’s bacteria.
    No water = less bacteria!
  • Glow, glow, glow! Talk about instant dewiness! With our rich and natural dry-printed formulations, your skin is left looking nourished and hydrated upon removing the mask.
  • Take them anywhere Planes, trains and automobiles, at the office, in your bathroom...really anywhere!


MISS de GASPÉ: Skin care guru by day, science junkie by night

Skin care is our passion, and we just had to find a way to get the most out of our routine. What good are all these awesome ingredients if they just ended up lying on the surface of your skin?

Many countless hours in the lab and sleepless nights later, we developed a breakthrough delivery system that would allow micro-penetration of active ingredients through multiple layers of the epidermis.

Of the epi-what?

The epidermis is the surface layer of your skin and is made up of many levels. Skin care ingredients need to penetrate these layers in order to properly nourish your skin.

With our technology, active ingredients can gradually penetrate these layers because they are each broken down to their smallest possible molecules, thus allowing really deep penetration, and that means your skin is getting all the good stuff. ;)